The History of the Hudson's Bay Company
Updated: 5/27/2020
The History of the Hudson's Bay Company

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  • Fur Trade
  • BeaverPelts
  • the History of The Hudson’s Bay Company
  • Beavers are the main Reason why the Europeans cameto Canada
  • People wanted toHave Beavers onthere heads as a hat. They used theshorter hair of the beaver to make a felt to make intoa hat.
  • The Beavers were almost extinct inEurope but the hats were in big need. So they came to Canada
  • Manufactured goods
  • Each place had a animal which was the most valuble in that area
  • Pacific Coast-Salmon
  • Far North-Artic Fox
  • They used Beaver pelts for hats until the 1850s when silk hats became morepopular
  • Fur TradeBeaver PeltsHudson's Bay Company
  • Beaver Pelts were superrare because everyoneused them to createhats. With all of this the Hudson's Bay Company was created.
  • Canada gave Europe Beaver pelts and the Europeansgave back by giving themManufactured goods that were not available in Canada. A Rupert's land was created. If the place had a water bay flowing into the Hudson's Bay it was part of Rupert's Land. The Hudson's Bay company was created so England could compete with the French Fur Taade in a more organized way.