Historical foundations of our republic 2
Updated: 2/8/2020
Historical foundations of our republic 2
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  • late 400s BCE
  • Hi Pericles, do I have to own property to be elected ?
  • No, I ended the requirement of having to own property to be elected.
  • 509 BCE-27 BCE
  • I'm a senator, and I don't care what you common people think
  • You have to listen to me because its the rule of law. Everyone is treated equally, no one is above the law, and laws must be fair.
  • It's going to create peace between King John and the monarchs and the barons. Parliament will work with the monarch to pass law.
  • King John just signed the Magna Carta.
  • Hi I'm John Locke, I believe rulers need to have the consent of their subjects. Subjects can take away their consent if the government did not protect their rights.
  • Hello I'm Thomas Hobbs, I believe government should have unquestioned political power. The rule of government should be absolute.
  • I'm one of the pilgrim leaders who drafted the Mayflour Compact to end conflict and preserve unity.
  • This is the first framework of our government in the territory and the first form of government in our country
  • The house of Burgess is the first legislature in America.
  • Yes, our lower house is called a representative house because it was elected by the colonist rather than chosen by the king or governer.
  • This is significant because it gave us a representative government.
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