RJ comic
Updated: 6/10/2020
RJ comic

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you
  • I’m fine dear, but what about you? You could have been injured?
  • Oh my boy! No, what has happened to you! It is too early to dig your grave.
  • Looking for pity are you? Well, there is none to be found here. Now let’s settle this
  • I wish you all didn’t have to find out this way but what more can we do. Juliet and Romeo fell in love at the masquerade ball. They knew their rivalling families would never approve of their wedding so they came to me for help. They were secretly married the whole time Juliet and Paris’ marriage was pending. We had never choreographed for Tybalt and Mercutio’s death and the exile of Romeo so I had to form another plan. Juliet was supposed to pretend to pass away, Romeo would meet her here once she awakes, and they would have escaped to Mantua and lived happily if the letter informing Romeo of the plan would have gotten to him.
  • Hand me the letter *He reads it* This confirms everything the Friar has stated as true. Romeo supposedly bought high doses of medication from a pharmacist so he could die next to Juliet. Do you see what you have done? Capulet!? Montague!? Be ashamed of your feud because it has only killed the ones you’ve loved. Get your acts together before more innocent lives become memories.
  • I was the one who told Romeo of the death. He had driven as fast as he could here and gave me this letter for you Montague. He said he would kill me if I attempted to stop him
  • As will we for your powerful Romeo!
  • Capulet, I mourn for your lovely daughter. My son saw her as the true jewel she is.
  • Once the cure has been found for COVID 19, we shall host a giant celebration of Juliet’s life and the elegance she brought to this world.
  • Montague, You have raised a strong willing man. I have nothing but respect for you.
  • Stop right there you thug! I will not let the Montagues harm the Capulets any more than they already have. You are under citizen arrest! If you do not comply, I will kill you myself.
  • Now what have these two ex-rival families learned? That with love, death, and a mix of viruses, peace can still come no matter how rough the path ahead looks. This is the end of the pain and lust-filled story of Romeo and Juliet