Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians Palace
Updated: 1/11/2021
Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians Palace

Storyboard Text

  • You tricked me?
  • Percy Jackson at last!
  • Father, I have done as you asked.
  • She was a wonderful woman.
  • Father, You Promised
  • The furies arrive as Nico had tricked him.
  • This Idiot Son of Poseidon can not be allowed to be the child of the prophecy
  • Why did you free us from the Casino
  • The Furies bring Percy to Hades's Palace with Nico taking a detour.
  • You are Crazy!
  • You will find out as you will be waiting out this war in my dungeons.
  • Hades gives Nico some information about his mother.
  • Hades explains that he will not let Percy be the child of the Prophecy and how he wants to be the King of the Gods
  • Hades says that he will send Percy to the dungeons while he waits until Nico turns 16 so the prophecy can be fulfilled.
  • Skeletal Warriors throw Percy in a airtight dungeon and says they will check on him in 50 years.