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The Story of The Human Body As Told By A Dog
Updated: 5/1/2020
The Story of The Human Body As Told By A Dog
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  • The Story of the human bodyAs Told By A Dog
  • I see you’ve opened this book, so I’m assuming you’ve got more than a few questions about your body. Or your teacher is forcing you to look at this. My name is Miles the dog.
  • So, this is where the unusual stuff happens. I, the dog who is standing and talking, will tell you all about your own body.
  • To begin, I’m going to talk about the circulatory system. You can’t function without a circulatory system because it consists of your heart and blood and blood vessels.The network gives tissues oxygen and other nutrients, moves hormones, and gets rid of unnecessary waste.
  • The nervous system includes your brain, which sends a message, or some neurons, that go from your brain to whatever it wants to send the message to.
  • Next, we'll talk about a certain nervous system
  • When I close my eyes, that's my brain sending the neurons transmitting signals to my eye lids telling them to close, maybe because my brain knows I need to sleep, or blink. The things that send messages are called neurotransmitters.
  • Now, of course, the brain doesn't make the eyelids close. That's a part of a whole other system including the muscles. We'll talk about that later.
  • Next in your human bodies, is the digestive system. Now, you kind of need this to eat, or go use the bathroom. The digestive system is where you food goes, how it gets broken down, and how it's able to get back out.
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