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Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Reconquest #1
  • we cant leave?!
  • You will be asked to leave NOW!!
  • but this was our home land for so many years!
  • the Spanish Inquisition #2
  • hey, I think that guy back there is faking being Roman Catholic
  • don't worry about that fellow citizen, MUHAHAHA!
  • the Spanish Exploration #3
  • I SEE LAND!!!!
  • i finally did it, i finally found india
  • Since the Moors invaded Spain in 711 CE two kingdoms of Ferdinand and Isabella unite Castile and Aragon so they can defeat the Moors and take their land back. The united kingdoms successfully took over Spain after a long conflict between them in 1492 CE. All what the Moors had left was little land which was called Granada. This affected the Spanish worldview because now they thought they were mighty and thought very highly of themselves and how superior their ethnicity since the Reconquista.
  • The Reconquista #1
  • the Spanish Inquisition
  • In 1478-1834 Ferdinand and Isabella were thinking of how to make everybody believe and follow the same religion as them so they sent Spanish inquisitors to scout out the land and see anybody who looks suspicious or just not Roman Catholic. it went to a point where someone could just say heretic at someone and the inquisitors would take the person away. When the inquisitors catch somebody and be called a heretic they maker punishments so they could plead guilty. The type of accessories they used for some torture methods were heated metal pincers, thumbscrews, boots, or other devices designed to burn, pinch or otherwise mutilate their hands, feet or bodily orifices.
  • The Spanish Exploration #3
  • Since Spain was surrounded by water they took advantage of it and started to get interested in exploring specifically West. Since they went by the three G's which God, Glory, and Gold. The biggest reasons why they wanted to explore is cause they wanted "gold" which was resources and they wanted "Glory" which is more fame and empowerment to their country, Spain. They also wanted a way to spread their religion to everybody possible. They were mostly trying to look for
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