Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Yo, Mike! Did you get the news on your mail, too? The world's really getting crazy now, huh?
  • Clarendon Hills
  • Hmm, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about Jean.
  • No way you didn't hear about it! It's the biggest talk of the town right now!
  • I guess I'm missing out on a lot these days. Tell me about it!
  • It's quite ludicrous, actually. The story says that there's this lottery winner around the neighborhood who was arrested for having dumped a 224,000 dollars worth of manure on his boss' house! Crazy isn't it?
  • I couldn't believe it either. But it was shared over 49,000 times on Facebook! The whole world's basically talking about it!
  • No way! That's ridiculous!
  • Oh no... I guess they are victims of this crazy disinformation case, too. I better tell them the truth.
  • Exactly! The manure part is ridiculous!
  • That's crazy! I mean, who would waste their money like that?
  • Good day, ma''am, sir! Sorry to interrupt your conversation. It occurs to me that you have also been fooled by this fake news circulating online about the man dumping manure on his boss' house?
  • Yes. It was posted by a satirical media organization who covers news in a ludicrous manner. They meant to give humor to people, but most of the readers did not know it was not true.
  • Oh! So it's isn't true?
  • Exactly. I can't believe I fell for it! My friends thought it was real, too. I better inform them about this. Thank you for informing us, officer.
  • No problem! It is my duty. I hope you guys will be more careful about the information you hear or receive online!
  • Well, they really fooled us there.