Sarah Getting Bullied Second Board

Updated: 7/1/2021
Sarah Getting Bullied Second Board

Storyboard Description

Sarah fixing the bullying problem with her teacher

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 7
  • Well, pass me your phone and I can help you sort all of this out.Ok.
  • Scene 8
  • Instagram
  • Young girl completely fails school dance!
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  • Report
  • Scene 9
  • Instagram
  • Report an issue
  • Were sorry this account was deleted and all post history was removed.
  • The teacher looks at the situation and decides what to do
  • Scene 10
  • There! the post has been removed forever!
  • The post was reported and is being looked into by Instagram.
  • Scene 11
  • Thank you so much sir, Your the best!
  • Instagram notifies the police of the post and how it involves bullying minors and the post and all its history is deleted
  • Scene 12
  • The post was completely removed from all social media and the internet
  • Sarah thanks her teacher for all he has done to help her
  • They all beg for forgiveness and Sarah forgives her best friend but not the bully
  • Look Sarah please I didn't mean anything I said.
  • I'm sorry!
  • Sarah I'm sorry! Please
  • Sarah please forgive me!