The story of Buddhas life
Updated: 6/15/2020
The story of Buddhas life
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  • I hope he will be a king...
  • your son will be a great king, or religious leader
  • Who knew that life can be filled with so much pain
  • In 563 B.C, someone named Siddhartha Gautama was born in a castle in Nepal. After Siddhartha's birth his father met with a fortune teller. The fortune teller told him that Siddhartha would either be a emperor or religous leader. Afetr hearing this news Siddharthas father really want him to become a emperor.
  • Siddhartha grew up in a life of luxury. Siddhartha decided to go out on a chariot ride without his guards and just the driver. He then sees the four sights. A man with sickness, a dead man, an old man, an holy but poor man. Siddartha didn't know that there was this much suffering.
  • After Siddartha saw the holy man who was happy with nothing he then decided that he would spend 6 years in a forest with 5 other men he decided to live a life of hardship to make him wiser. He wore rags and went long period of time without washing and moving, pulled out his hair and slept on a bed of thorns. 
  • After Siddartha spent 6 years trying to become wiser he then realised this wasn't the right path. Siddartha, weak and exhausted went to the village called Bodh Gaya. After going to Bodh Gaya he started to mediate under the Bodhi tree. He meditated under the Bodhi tree for 7 weeks. After that he then reached Enlightnment.
  • After Siddartha spent 7 weeks meditating underneath the Bodhi Tree he reached enlightnment he then got the name Buddha the enlightened or awaken one. He spent 49 years teaching people in India how to reach enlightenment as well.
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