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Updated: 8/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Oh what a wonderful day! Im using the kenetic energy that my apple i ate for breakfast gave me to ride my bike to school.
  • Oh, maybe if I got struck by lightning the potential energy could help power my bike to go even faster
  • Of Corse Travis! The gravitational energy I use will help me swoosh the basketball into the hoop
  • Hey Lucy! Ready to Play?
  • What, why is there a bee in my house!?
  • Im so excited to eat my food. Oh wait, its so hot, maybe I could use the heat energy from this to power something?
  • Oh and I can't forget to turn the fire off on the stove!
  • Hmmm...which book should I read? Oh no, that book looks like its about to fall
  • Hey guys, can you please turn off the light, you're using so much light energy
  • No worries kiddo
  • Sorry dad I didn't mean to run into you, i'm in a hurry
  • Good thing I remembered to fill up my car with petrol before school
  • Alright, now let's turn on the car and start driving.
  • Hey Lucy! Did you know you use potential energy when you bounce a ball?
  • Sorry Maya, Maybe later