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Packet 4
Updated: 2/21/2019
Packet 4
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  • Napoleon then made a big mistake by setting up a blockade which closed all ports to prevent trade from Great Britain and other European countries. This was a policy called the continental system This was a problem because the British Navy taxed neutral ships that were bound and taxed them. American ships were upon those, and America declared war on Britain. Next, Napoleon made his second big mistake. He wanted Portugal to accept the continental system, and sent an invasion force through Spain. For 6 years peasant fighters, called Spanish guerrillas ambushed french troops in small groups. This war was called the Peninsula War, and Napoleon lost 300,000 men.
  • Nobody will trade with Britain!
  • Then Napoleon made his last, and biggest mistake. In June 1812, Napoleon and his army of 420,000 soldiers marched into Russia because the Russian Czar refused to stop selling grain to Britain, and because they both accused each other of having competing designs on Poland. The Russians practiced the scorched-earth policy which meant burning grain, and killing livestock so the French would have no resources. The 2 armies clashed in the Battle of Borodino and the result was the french only having 10,000 soldiers left. Napoleon was stripped from his powers.
  • Louis XVI’s brother took the throne as Louis XVIII. He was not popular, and Napoleon wanted to regain power. He escaped from the island of Elba, which was where he had previously banished to, and within days Napoleon was emperor again. As a response from the European allies, there was a battle at Waterloo in Belgium. This defeat ended Napoleon's last point of power called the hundred days. From the time he escaped Elba to the end of his power for good.
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