Storyboard for sience
Updated: 1/2/2020
Storyboard for sience
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  • Lets make cupcakes!!!
  • I'll get the flour.
  • First, crack an egg. This is a physical change because it is changing its shape.
  • Mixing flour and eggs is a chemical change because once you mix them you cant get the flour or the egg back.
  • I've got the spoon to stir the ingredients together.
  • Stirring all the ingredients together is a physical change.
  • Time to put them in the oven! They look so good!
  • I heard you guys talking about physical and chemical changes. What are those?
  • A physical change just changes it's size, shape, and color and can be returned to it's original state.
  • A chemical change on the other hand, cannot be restored to it's original state. For example when you mix two materials together.
  • One example of a chemical change is food digests.
  • I'm only in first grade and I know what a chemical and physical changes are! Thanks!
  • Now you know what a physical and chemical change is. Now let's get back to our cupcakes.
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