English Assessment
Updated: 6/28/2020
English Assessment
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  • Is that my name on those letters.
  • Get out of here! These are not for you.
  • Colovaria, turn this stupid fat rat yellow.
  • Please, not slytherins.
  • Harry is an orphan living with the Dursleys who mistreat him terribly and force him to live in a tiny cupboard under the stairs. His days are sad and lonely. Owls ben to bring him letters, but Mr.Dursley tries very hard to keep them from Harry.
  • Harry has finely got on train nine and three quarters after meeting Hadrig and buying a lot of wizard equipment to stay at Hogwarts. He has also met two other people that are new to Hogwarts, Hermione Granger as stubborn as something and Ron Weasley as weird as something.
  • AHH!!!
  • Eventually, Harry learns that he is a wizard. The letter invites him to go to Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. He does not want to be in Slytherin house because it had a reputation of turning out evil wizards. The sorting hat put Harry in Gryffindorhouse. Students in Gryffindor are known for being courageous.
  • Don'tyou think it is too late to be out here.
  • Why did you kill my parents?!
  • As Harry gets around the school and gets to try different things. Others, as well as himself, realize how great of a wizard he is. Harry learns how to fly on his broomstick fairly easy and gets asked to play on the Gryffindor quitch team with the older kids.
  • As soon as Harry, Hermione and Ron realized that something suspicious was happening they jump write in. They snuck out at night, all hidden under Harry's invisible blanket, and went to the never to be seen in place, and found a three-headed dog. They all screamed and ran away as fast as possible. When they got back Hermione realized that the three-headed dog was guarding something!
  • After Harry, Hermione and Ron had been sneaking around the school they had found themselves in detention because Draco had snitched on them. For detention, they had to go into the Forbidden Forest with Hadrig and find who had sleighed the unicorn, which is an evil crime. By the next night Harry, Hermione and Ron knew that someone was trying to steel the Philosopher's Stone, so they snuck out that night to find out who was trying to steel it. They crossed the moving staircases and found the three-headed dog asleep listening to a harp play music. They went down through the trapdoor, little did they know how many challenges were to come. Eventually the reached the room holding the Philosopher's Stone only to realize that Lord Voldemort was already there! In the end the Philosopher's Stone was destroyed and Lord Voldemort had diserpeared.
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