Native American Creation Story

Updated: 5/14/2020
Native American Creation Story

Storyboard Text

  • The Earthmaker began to think about what he should do in the end, he began to cry. Filling the seas and oceans with water.
  • Earthmaker thought, 'Anything I wish will happen just as I wish it'. He wished for light - it happened. He wished for earth and earth was formed.
  • Speaking for the first time, he said 'I shall make a being like myself' and he took some earth and made it just like himself. He spoke to the creature, but it gave no answer. He looked closely, saw it had no mind, and made a mind for it. But when he spoke to it, still it did not answer.
  • He made it a tongue and spoke to it, but still, it did not answer. He saw it had no soul, so he made it a soul, and talked to it ... and it very nearly said something, but failed to make itself understood.So Earthmaker breathed into its mouth and spoke to it ... and it answered.