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making of america
Updated: 4/8/2019
making of america
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  • "sorry, the wrong store I would never want to get something from a loyalist shop!"
  • "Hi Royce what can I get you?" 
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  • " Hold on a second, Does... does that price tag say 2.00 dollars for one pack of tea."
  • "Wow, these taxes are high aren't they." 
  • "Why.... yes!"
  • "these taxes are bad, there taxing tea, paper, inc what every they want they tax, with all these taxes no wonder why people are boycotting."
  • "The taxes are not that bad, There only in place because the British need to pay for the war, and plus they are protected your patriots." 
  • fortnight sucks
  • "And the British only need money because of all that land they got."
  • "Well... they need money to maintain and protect the land, don't they!"
  • apex is awesome 
  • "Why can't the people in London pay for it, and we don't even have any say in the parliament. No taxation without representation."
  • “The taxes are good, and without the british protecting your patriots in that war you would be dead”
  • "I don't have time to argue, I have to pick up liberty tea for Mrs. Edes. "
  • "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."
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