Macbeth part 1
Updated: 6/6/2019
Macbeth part 1

Storyboard Text

  • War broke out and Macbeth fought against the rebels
  • Macbeth prevailed and carried Scotland to Victory!
  • As Macbeth and Banquo were travelling back to base, three witches appear in the meadows before them
  • Hail Macbeth!
  • Who art thou who dares to approach Macbeth! Speak I command you!
  • Hail to thee, thane of Glamis!
  • All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!
  • Hail to thee, thane of Cawdor!
  • You greet with present grace and great prediction. Speak, then, to me, who neither beg nor fear.
  • Hail! Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none. Until next time!
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