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Updated: 12/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Dad, this fish is great..I wish we could catch moreof them.
  • Well, soon , there will be fish aplenty, enough to feed the whole world.
  • How, Dad?
  • Do you remember the IronEx experiments by Moss Landing Marine laboratory? They found that by slowly introducing iron into the ocean, they encouraged the growth of algae.
  • Because algae take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, a rise in algae would greatly help halt global warming. I have created my own company, Maximizing Ocean Farming Inc., and we have made a deal with the Marshall islands.
  • They have given us commercial rights to 800,000 miles of ocean around the Archipalego. There, we will put iron, phosphorus, and other elements in time release capsules, which will infuse the water with nutrients that will help algae grow.
  • But how would that increase the numbers in fish?
  • Well, because algea are the primary producers of he ocean, more algea means more food for the primary consumers, such as little fish, which in turn makes them increase, providing more food for the secondary and tertiary consumers, which are the fish we eat.
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