Driving Storyboard
Updated: 7/14/2020
Driving Storyboard
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  • In order to get a drivers license, I must first take a 50 question test that demonstrates my knowledge of the road and it's rules. I must score 40/50 at minimum to be able to get my Learners Permit. If I do not succeed in getting 80% or higher, I must take the test again at a different time. The original test is 15 dollars and is stagnant for each test
  • The Learning does not stop there, as there are quite a few regulations that I must follow to be eligible for my New Driver License. These rules include, having a 25+ years adult who has a drivers license, can't drive between midnight and 5am, can only have onepassenger at one time other than yoursupervisor, and must always display the L sign on the back of the car.
  • Learners
  • I now must pass a Class 7 drivertest with an instructor presentand show that I know the rules of the road. You may take this test however many times you want, but every time you fail you will have to pay more money and wait a longer time in between tests.
  • You must bring a safe vehicle, identification, vehicle registration papers and insurance, current drivers license, fees for the road tests. The fee for a driving road test is 35 dollars
  • Novice
  • Although there are not as many restrictions as with your Learners, there are still some to follow with your Novice license. One includeshaving to always have the N sign on the back of your car, and only being able to 1 passenger other than family. But this new step does include freedom because you may now drive by yourself
  • You must now drive with your N for two whole years before you can go for another driving test. This class 5 driving test will cost 50 dollars, but after completing this test, you will have completed your journey of learning to drive. You may redo this test as many times as you want but each time waiting more time and paying more money
  • You have completed all the steps to be coming a licensed driver. Great job! Now make sure to follow all those rules that you have learned throughout your journey. Make sure to carry all the right registered information about your car and this license you have worked very hard for!
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