Outsiders Chapter 6 in a Nutshell
Updated: 11/12/2020
Outsiders Chapter 6 in a Nutshell

Storyboard Description

haha lol its in a nutshell

Storyboard Text

  • I wanna turn myself in.
  • What's going on?!
  • The church is on fire. It must be as warm as toast in there!
  • Some kids are missing!
  • After getting told Cherry Valance is the Greaser's spy, Johnny states he wants to turn himself in. Although shocked, Dally agrees to take them back. Ponyboy is shocked by this, but understands Johnny's decision.
  • I'm gonna get you out of here.
  • Driving and thinking, the three of them travel down the road. Ponyboy sees the church on fire, and tells Dally to pull over. Dally reluctantly turned, and headed for the church.
  • You're fine. Dally and Johnny, not so much.
  • When they reach the church, they asked what was going on. A man named Jerry said that they were on a school picnic when the whole church just ignited. A woman yelled that some of the children had been missing for over half an hour.
  • Soda! Darry!
  • Ponyboy and Johnny go in to save the kids. Johnny gets hit in the back by some falling timber, and Ponyboy keels over from smoke inhalation. They had rescued the kids, and were saved by Dally.
  • When Ponyboy was in the hospital, the man he had met, Jerry Woods, was there, and he explained that Ponyboy was fine, although Johnny and Dally were injured.
  • When Ponyboy looks around, he sees Darry and Sodapop by the door. He runs toward them, and they express their worries for him. Ponyboy chooses to take a load off and never run away again.
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