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Updated: 9/21/2019
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  • "Square in your ship's path are Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by... the Sirens will sing his mind away"(Homer 4-9).
  • "and let the ropes be made fast at the ends to the mast itself; and if I implore and bid you to loose me, then do ye tie me fast with yet more bonds"(Homer 158).
  • "rowed past the Sirens, and we could no more hear their voice or their song, then straightway my trusty comrades took away the wax with which I had anointed their ears and loosed me from my bonds"(Homer 195).
  • "But if thou thyself hast a will to listen, let them bind thee in the swift ship hand and foot upright in the step of the mast, and let the ropes be made fast at the ends to the mast itself, that with delight thou mayest listen to the voice of the two Sirens"(Homer 50).
  • "For on one side lay Scylla and on the other divine Charybdis terribly sucked down the salt water of the sea"(Homer 235).
  • "she spoke, but I made answer and said: `Come, I pray thee, goddess, tell me this thing truly, if in any wise I might escape from fell Charybids, and ward off that other, when she works harm to my comrades"(Homer 111)
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