Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • Billy Merrell
  • Vanilla
  • Jessica Berger
  • Vanilla and Hunter had been dating since the 8th grade. They came out as a couple by slow dancing together.
  • "He calls me Vanillaand presses his warm nose to my neckI don't know what to do but laughand let him."
  • "I'd take him any way he'd let me,including like this,with all our clothes on,lying parallel on the couchlike always."
  • As Hunter and Vanilla enter their senior year of high school, Hunter decides that he wants to have sex, while Vanilla is still unsure.
  • "'Not all gay people have sex, but it's the sex part that makes us gay,"he says, as if I'm not gay until I have sex with him. As if we aren't a couple without coupling."
  • "'I'm not saying I don't love you anymore. Only that I can't keep loving you like I have.'"
  • "We've never had a fight like this. Usually when it's over, we're stronger after. We know each other better, not worse."
  • Their disagrement eventually leads to their breakup.
  • "I don't know. It doesn't make sense," I say, guessing its what Angels thinking."
  • "'Maybe it does,though. Not everyone has sex.'"
  • "Can I ask, then? Why not do it when you loved him?"
  • After their breakup, one of Vanilla's friends suggests that he may be asexual. Vanilla researches the identity and then comes out to his family and Hunter as ace.
  • Vanilla attempts to get back together with Hunter after explaining his asexuality, but Hunter doesn't take it well and assumes that Vanilla being ace means that he never really loved Hunter. Eventually though, Hunter accepts Vanilla for who he is, and although they do not get back together, they remain close friends.
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