Health Decisions
Updated: 1/15/2021
Health Decisions

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  • (B) Do you have any suggestions on what type of drinks are good for diabetes?
  • Maybe you could try a mango java protein shake it has low sugar!
  • Thanks!(LF) I'm trying to get in the habit of eating and drinking healthier! (H) Since diabetes runs in my family
  • No problem! happy to help.
  • (A) I feel it's important to eat healthy to try to help slow down the rate of extending diabetes into my family down the road!
  • I feel it is important too! I have heart disease in my family so I try to stay on top of what I eat too!
  • What kind of drinks help with that?
  • Usually I drink dragon fruit lemon spice, spinach lime and a couple of others
  • Are ya'll hiring anyone right now? (E) I love the environment! it's very clean!
  • Actually yes. You can start Monday at 9:30?
  • Sounds great see you at 9:30 Monday! Bye!
  • Great! Thanks for coming in! Bye!