BackPack Surprise Ch 3
Updated: 4/20/2020
BackPack Surprise Ch 3
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  • I looked frantically through my disorderly closet trying to look for the prized possession. I atleast needed to find a clue that someone had stole it. I was so stressed out I even went through our restroom and deep within the cabinet I found my old rubber ducky I used to play with in the shower. At this point I grew worried with despair that I would never find it and if someone took it, they would tell on me. At that moment was when I had found it. A muddy footprint right under my room carpet that I don't recall putting there. So that meant that someone had indeed stolen it and put a carpet over their footprint to try covering the evidence.
  • I observed the muddy footprint for quite some time and that's when I remembered who's foot mark this was. This had to be Lemon's footprint because my parents footprints are bigger and my little siblings where smaller. Even the marks matched his own shoes. I packed my stuff and went to Lemon's house where he thinks I didn't check if I had the prized possession and he most likely thought that I wouldn't notice. I'm actually though going to his house to confront him for trying to ruin my plan in returning something that I didn't take. I arrived at his house about 15 minutes later just from walking, which is quite a short walk. I knocked on his door starting to tense up. I heard a few thuds and the door then opened. "You're here!" he said. "Yup," I said. He then followed it by," Are you ready?" "I know what you did." I said straight up.
  • I was worried my negotiating skills wouldn't work and he would not give me back the prized possession. We talked for around 5 minutes and came to the conclusion that he would give me back the prized possession and help me still carry out the plan. "Same plan but this doesn't mean I'm doing this because I feel bad." he said.So he accepted his side of the deal but I still had to accept mine. I first tried to get him to help me by using guilt about how he tried to steal it from me so he would get a free lunch from the principal. That plan was a hard failure but I then came up with a sensible idea. My side of the deal was to bring him free lunches for the rest of the school year. I accepted the seal and he game me the prized possession back and a wave of joy hit me.
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