The Saboteur
Updated: 1/29/2021
The Saboteur

Storyboard Text

  • Those stupid police officers. They're the ones breaking the law! My wife will send someone for me soon. Then they'll be the ones stuck in jail!
  • Please, stop!
  • This will keep you cool. You won't die of sunstroke.
  • Shut up!
  • You're hurting me!
  • That's Fenjin, my lawyer! I have to do something.
  • My hepatitis is about to kill me anyway.
  • Alright...
  • Just sign this, admit to the crime, and you and your lawyer can go.
  • Let's go get something to eat.
  • This is the fourth place we've been to in Muji. Why is he ordering so much food?
  • Why am I spreading my hepatitis? Because I can.