Abraham and Lot
Updated: 11/26/2020
Abraham and Lot

Storyboard Text

  • Abraham and Lot are on their way away from Egypt.
  • Abraham and Lot's herdsman started to fight over land.
  • Hey we want that Grass! That's the last of the grass!
  • Go away I found it first and its on my side of the Creek!
  • To stop this quarrelling between our people I have decided that we need to separate pick where you want to go.
  • Abraham and Lot decide where to go.
  • Ok, Well then I will go to the East and you go to the West. Goodbye.
  • You can see in this Cell how God is working. Abraham has stayed faithful to God this journey even with a few hiccups. So God blessed him with money from Egypt.
  • The East ( Lot's Land)
  • Since Abraham and Lot were so rich in livestock and constantly moved around there wasn't much land for both of their livestock so the shepherds fought.
  • The West ( Abrahams Land)
  • Abraham and Lot's way of solving this fight was that they separate. So Abraham gave Lot the option of picking where he would go and he would go the opposite way.
  • The Lord speaks to Abraham.
  • Lot chose the whole Plain of Jordan. The Bible says that it's kind of like Egypt. It was well watered and plenty of Grass and food for the many animals Lot had.
  • Abraham parted with Lot and headed West. He didn't have as much of a fertile land as Lot had. Food and water was more scarce then Lot.
  • God spoke to Abraham promising him that all the Land to the East, West, South, North will eventually all belong to his offspring and that he will have offspring like the dust of the earth.