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Updated: 11/10/2020
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  • lets just have fun
  • I can't believe we are here
  • I know if our parents find out we will be in big trouble
  • ok
  • I'll talk to you tomorrow tell me if anything happens
  • do you have any idea what time it is
  • a party
  • well I hope you liked the party because that's all the fun you will get your grounded for a week
  • where were you
  • Rose and Lilly are having fun at the party but Lilly is a little worried for what will happen if he parents find out.
  • Lilly- did you make it insideRose- yes but they caught me so I'm grounded what about you Lilly - same Rose - well I guess ill see you at school next week
  • Rose is sneaking back in and Lilly is telling her to text her when she gets in so she knows she's ok
  • well that was a boring weekend
  • yeah but we still have 5 days left before we can do anything after school
  • well at least we know something
  • Rose's parents are waiting for her when she gets inside. she tells them where she was and they ground her for a week.
  • we are never going to a party again
  • Rose and Lilly texting about what happened. they both got grounded so they can't see each other over the weekend.
  • the girls talk about how the weekend was and how they still can't do anything
  • the girls talk about how they will not be going to any more parties.
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