Norway Economy Project
Updated: 3/4/2021
Norway Economy Project

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to Norway! Norway's government is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Which means that there is a democratic constitution where a parliament makes laws and the government enforces them
  • Norway is home to 5 million people. Norway's population is usually located in the south where climate is better. Oslo, the capital Norway is home to 1.041 million citizens. Making it the center of all trades, business, and urban life.
  • Norway is often praised for how green and natural the government and citizens live. Most of all of Oslo's jobs are jobs agriculture, fishing, and food processing. Norway is known for oil, gas, hydropower, and seafood industries.
  • In Norway, the country thrives off of the agricultural businesses and the natural goods such as petroleum, metals, chemicals, fish, and ships. These businesses help the country stay relevant in the world wide trading industry
  • This is King Harald V and he has been the King of Norway since Jan. 17th 1991! In Norway the King is in charge of the armed forces, and he undertakes the Norwegian parliament. The government is divided by the king and the Prime Minister and his council. The Prime Minister works on the more state issues
  • Norway overall is has a stable economy and has no population below the poverty line. The inflation rate is 1.9%. Unlike America, Norway has free healthcare and tuition for schools.