Monkey's paw

Updated: 3/7/2021
Monkey's paw

Storyboard Text

  • Knock
  • Knock
  • It's Herbert!
  • Don't let it in!
  • Monkey's pawWhere are you?
  • The bolt!I can't reach it!
  • Distance shotMr.White goes downstairs, and he hears a knock
  • I wish
  • Close-up shotMr.White is begging to not let it in, Mrs.White wants her son
  • Mother?!
  • AHHHhhhh!
  • Mr.White frantically looks for the paw, while Mrs.White tries to open the door
  • Flickering
  • Close- up shotMr.White finds the paw, and he closes his eyes to make his final wish
  • Point-of-view- shotThe door opens, and wind rushes in. Mrs.White wails
  • Low-angle shotThe road is deserted, the lights are flickering