TKAM storyboard chapter 11
Updated: 2/12/2021
TKAM storyboard chapter 11

Storyboard Text

  • Hi ! There's an old lady in our neighborhood named Mrs. Dubose , she's a very grumpy person that always yells but we’re used to it.
  • Hi i'm Scout
  • But today as we walked by she said mean things about Atticus. Jem couldn't take it anymore.
  • your father is disgraceful!!
  • He takes my new baton and destroys Mrs. Dubose's flower bushes.
  • Later that day our father makes Jem apologize and promise to take care of her flowers.
  • Jem you must go and apologize
  • Instead Mrs.Dubose wanted Jem to read for her everyday for a whole month.
  • I want you to read for me
  • A month passed by, Atticus came up to us and told us Mrs.Dubose had died.
  • Mrs.dubose passed away