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Taming of the shrew
Updated: 4/28/2020
Taming of the shrew
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  • Exposition- Pertruchio is a man coming to Padua to find a wife. He is told to go wed Katherine. Lucentio wishes to be with Bianca so he disguises himself get near her and try to woo her. "Hortensio, peace... For I will board her." Act 1 scene 2.
  • Rising Action- Hortensio also wants Bianca. He disguises himself also to try make Bianca like him. This causes contention between Hortensio and Lucentio. "That will never be. Tune your instrument." Act 3 scene 1
  • Rising Action- Pertruchio is told he can marry Katherine. But she hates him. So they get married but he is very rude to her the entire time. Cause tension between them. " Katherine and Pertuchio should be married, and yet we hear not of our son in law." Act 3 Scene 2
  • Climax- Pertuchio and Katherine are at his home. He is terrible to everyone and starves her. He plans to tame her by starving her. He tells her she must obey everything he says at Bianca's party. " O monstrous arrogance. thou liest." act 4 scene 3.
  • Falling Action- Bianca and Lucentio get secretly engaged. They also get married. Lucentio dad shows up. Almost gets Lucentio's servant arrested. Lucentio and Bianca reveal themselves. "What am I, sir? Nay what are you, Sir." Act 5 Scene 1.
  • Resolution- Lucentio and Bianca tell their fathers of their secret marriage. They are fine with it. Pertuchio, Lucentio and Hortensio have a bet that they could call there wives over to the. Only Katherine comes. She talks about wife hood. " A hundred marks, my Kate Puts her down." Act 5 scene 2.
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