My story Table

Updated: 10/8/2021
My story Table

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  • Scene 1: Mikes house.
  • Hes got a point...
  • Scene 2: The talk
  • listen to me if we dont do this the cops will eventually find us..
  • and if we pull this off we can run away far away from the city with the money and be rich!!
  • Scene 3: Mikes plan
  • I'm home
  • Mikes house/ Hideout
  • scene 4: Finally... Mike arrives.
  • in the basement Richard tells Jay why they have to see it trough.- with heist.
  • Scene 5: Mike discussing his plan to the trio.
  • Mike gets home with some supplies.
  • Scen6: THE HEIST
  • Clear!
  • Bank
  • Richard and Jay hear Mike arrive.
  • Jay: now that we have the tools we can start any time.Mike: Tomorrow is the day....
  • "Lets get going with the heist."Richard: We've gone too far to turn back... show time.