phormio act 4
Updated: 5/8/2020
phormio act 4

Storyboard Text

  • You are back from your trip Chremes? What took you so long, didn't you hear the news?
  • Yes I heard. I don't know what to do! Involving someone else could ruin my reputation!
  • Phormio is so witty, he has the whole thing figured out! Oh no, Chremes is back too?! I have to trick both Demiphes and Chremes together now...
  • You won't believe the solution I've found to the problem... I've figured out a way to convince Phormio to marry the girl.
  • What?! How?!
  • Well, after a LOT of convincing, he agreed to marry the girl if he get's as much money as he's getting for dowry from the other girl he is engaged to. It took a lot to make him be reasonable.
  • I will pay. Come on now, tell him he will have the money.
  • What have you done? Now Phormio will actually marry the girl!
  • Calm down, I've just fixed everything. Phormio will call of the wedding at the last minute and pay back the money.
  • We got the money, Geta take us to him before he changes his mind.
  • Make sure the girl talks to my wife first so we make sure she consents.
  • Let's go.