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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • can you teach me how to hunt
  • sure
  • i am going to hunt the person who killed my parents 11 years ago
  • Whose car is that?
  • That's my car.
  • what are you going to do now?
  • When Jhonny was 6, he went out with his friend to play soccer. After they played Jhonny went back home. On his way back he saw a person running from Jhonny's house to the car. When he went in the house his parents were dead. He ran out and looked for the person and all he saw was a license plate.
  • 10 years later Jhonny wanted to know how to hunt so he went to find hunter to teach him how to hunt. Jhonny met a hunter named Zin Johnny saw his hunting skill and Johnny was amazed. Johnny thought he was very good so he asked to teach him.
  • After 1 year of learning jhonny is now a very good hunter. even tiger run away after they see Johnny. he told Zin that he going to be on his own now to hunt his parents' killers. After Jhonny saw his car, Zin admitted it was him.
  • After Zin admitted that he is the one who kill Jhonny parents, Jhnonny told Zin lets play a hunting game. with one knife and arrow and bow. but Zin is carrying gun and he told Jhonny he is not going to use it. The game starts 1pm. after 1 pm they can kill each other.
  • Jhonny was looking forZin but zin was hiding on top of tree. after Zin see Jhonny walking around Zin shot a arrow at Zin but he missed. when Jhonny look back Zin disappear. Zin was tired and feel asleep by the river.
  • While Zin was sleeping Jhonny snuck up and put a knife in Zin's neck. And when Zin woke up Jhonny stabbed Zin. After Jhonny left Zin shot at Jhonny 3 times with his gun before dropping dead. Jhonny fell in the river. Neither man made it out allive.
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