bald forever
Updated: 5/14/2020
bald forever

Storyboard Text

  • for I did not lose the metrolinea, I have to go to work, otherwise they will fire me
  • ok now i just have to walk more to the other store until i will arrive
  • i was very tired from walking so much, i wish i had gone in bus
  • lucia hepl me i´m late for work
  • cant remember we are late for the work
  • fast we must choose wheter to get on the bus run
  • come on we have to go up fast if we want to avoid being fired
  • fast i suggest that we go this route to get as fast possible
  • if we have to risk going that route
  • if we manage to arrive on time
  • if we make it alive
  • lucia, pablo made it they arrived on time congratulations