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Updated: 5/4/2020
Othello StoryBoard

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  • Ah, these drinks have already given me a rouse!
  • I cant drink past a pint, I am still an officer
  • More wine, pls!
  • An excellent song Iago!
  • " and let me the cannikin clink, clink"I learned this song in england, where they are quite adapt in drinking
  • Do you see that man that just left? (Cassio)"He is a soldier fit to stand by caser"
  • You have played some wonderful songs IagoNo, for I am not worthy of this rank. I believe God is above all and souls must be saved
  • Would you like to hear it again? Indeed
  • Very well then
  • I must now head out and tent to my business. Do not think of me as drunk
  • Does he do it often?
  • However, he has a very bad addiction to alcohol
  • However, is he not a man of virtue and good morals?
  • That is indeed true