Rock Cycle ~ Metamorphic Rocks (Part 2)
Updated: 2/1/2020
Rock Cycle ~ Metamorphic Rocks (Part 2)
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Created By: Taylor O'Brien

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  • Sedimentary Rock Introduction
  • Traveling Farther
  • Heat
  • We now have ourselves a sedimentary rock. But wait....this is no the end of the rock cycle. This is a reoccurring process that continues in different patterns and extremities that make for different types of versions of rocks.
  • Pressure
  • The rocks will continue to head deep down underneath the earth over years and year, and might even run into earths tectonic plates.
  • New Substance
  • Now that the rock is deep enough into the earths crust, it may encounter some extreme heat. This as a result may cause the rock to melt, and transform into a liquid form.
  • To Be Continued....
  • In addition to all of this heat, right afterward, it will come in contact with extreme pressure which may begin to reform the rock into a different shape.
  • All in all, now we have seen a metamorphic rock be formed from a sedimentary rock.
  • Next up, we will see the last type of rock, and igneous rock be formed from a metamorphic rock. But remember, each rock can over go the rock cycle in their own routine/pattern. This is just one type of way.
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