Daniel Shays
Updated: 2/16/2021
Daniel Shays

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  • Coming home
  • I wish I had gotten paid so I could pay these land taxes
  • Lack of reasonable pay
  • Give us our pay
  • We want our pay
  • Bigger tax problem
  • Give us tax relief
  • We want tax relief
  • Daniel Shays returned home after the war and had to deal with debt because he was never paid for his service. Also there was new taxes on his land he couldn't afford to pay.
  • Response to tax issue
  • The soldiers still hadn't gotten their pay emergency steps were taken to help provide support to soldiers a loan made it possible for the government to give each soldier a months pay cash. Also give the soldiers a certificate they could turn in for cash at a later date.
  • Response to tax issue (part 2)
  • Farmers found that merchants required them to pay for any goods in actual currency. That was something that former soldiers didn't have and the merchants needed the money to pay back loans. Veterans would sell their certificates, muskets, and other possessions Daniel Shays even sold a sword he received from General Lafayette in 1780. Citizens that were in the rural of Massachusetts demanded they receive tax relief but nothing happened instead they raised taxes higher to pay back the foreign debt.
  • End result of Rebellion
  • The regulators decided to respond by protesting on open court dates so the courthouses wouldn't open there was no Military or Militia to stop the protesting so it went on for a while and the government had a hard time to set up a military force due to no funding.
  • Don't take our farm land
  • Daniel Shays and other leaders of the protests took the protests further by raiding the armory in Springfield Massachusetts and they used the weapons they stole to arm a force. Shays and his followers tried to approach the armory on January 26th, 1787 and were shot by the Militia that formed four dead twenty wounded. Then most of the rubles had disbanded but Daniel Shays fled to Vermont in fear of being captured.
  • The Massachusetts Government passed the Disqualification act the act pardoned any regulators that came forward and turned in their weapons. A pardon was only granted to those who participated in the Rebellion and not to the leaders. The 18 leaders initially were sentenced to death most of the sentences were overturned Daniel Shays was then pardoned after he returned from Vermont.