The Vedic age

Updated: 9/14/2021
The Vedic age

Storyboard Text

  • In vedas they have said gods are true!
  • Hello , Why are you believing this gods?
  • Its raining come to my home and I explain about vedas to you
  • Ok
  • The vedas are the oldest text composed in India
  • Oh ok
  • In Rig veda, what they have told?
  • There are four vedas, oldest among is Rigveda and other vedas are sama , yajur and atharvaveda
  • Oh good and thank you for explaining . your Indian vedas are awesome I will tell this information to my friends
  • Thank you for seeing my comic and please pass the information about vedas to your friends and relatives
  • Rig veda contains hyms of praise, samaveda contains hymns about religious rituals ,Atharva veda contains of spells against enemies, sorcerers, and diseases and last Yajur veda contains instructions for religious rituals