Lolita in Tehran Comic
Updated: 11/4/2020
Lolita in Tehran Comic

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  • Sanaz is hesitant to wear her robe, because she prefers to wear her comfy clothes.
  • I really wish I could wear the outfit I want... but I know I can't. I would get in too much trouble. 
  • Sanaz worries that she might get caught by the Iranian militia for not following dress code.
  • I can never relax when I wear this! I'm constantly worrying about if my earrings, nail polish, and makeup can be seen!
  • Just keep walking. Don't look at the officers. Don't draw attention to yourself. Look invisible.
  • Sanaz is on her way home, and walks through the streets, avoiding the militia.
  • Take off your veil, go to jail!!!
  • As Sanaz walks on her way home, she sees offensive signs directed towards women. 
  • I hate these posters! No woman deserves to be treated like this!
  • Be a good Muslim girl.
  • Veiling is a woman's protection. 
  • Guard your veil, Sister.
  • Sanaz gets on a bus to go home, but needs to enter from the back side of the bus, and needs to sit in the back. 
  • Iranian women often get harassed on buses, including Sanaz, by bearded men.
  • I hate that women always have to enter on the back of the bus... and every time I get on a bus, some man harasses me.
  • I wish my boyfriend was here... I miss him.
  • When Sanaz arrives home, she tells her brother about her bad day, and she hopes to see her boyfriend soon.
  • Finally, I'm home! Brother, I had the worst day today. The way Iranian women are treated is horrible!
  • I want my boyfriend here with me...
  • I know, Sanaz. It will get better. Khomeini is a terrible man for allowing this to happen to women.
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