The adventures of greg 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
The adventures of greg 2

Storyboard Text

  • As I was flowing in the river I started flowing farther and farther away from home and I ended up in the...
  • Nobody was there so I decided to take a nap while I was napping I felt myself turning into a gas then I realized I was evaporating.
  • OCEAN! Hello anybody here hello hello
  • You bet, being a cloud is so fun
  • So is it fun being acloud I bet it is fun you get to sty in the sky all day
  • I have made it to the clouds before but this time is better because I made a friend her name is chubby the cloud. We talked for a while but then the water started to condense so did I. I felt a little queasy I don't like condensing then I fell down to the soil as rain
  • Once I got to the soil I didn't stay there for long because the gravity was pulling me down into the soil until I was groundwater.
  • I have never been groundwater before it is pretty cool!
  • As I start getting comfortable I start to filter that only meant one thing I was going to discharge into the river!!!!
  • Sorry but the water cycle was so fun. although it is fair so I guess I will be grounded
  • Once I was in the river my parents found me I told them that it was an accident but going through the water cycle was the best thing I have experienced ( I was grounded after)
  • Greg where have you been we have been looking for you everywhere! YOUR GROUNDED!