Geography Cartoon
Updated: 1/3/2020
Geography Cartoon
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  • Did You Know that We get energy from a variety of sources?
  • Yes, I also know that there are two types of energy resources, renewable, and nonrenewable
  • Solar Energy is a common type of energy in many places, it is the use of the sun's radiation to generate heat and electricity, Solar energy is a renewable resource.
  • I've heard that there are 2 types, Passive and Active. An example of passive solar heating is the greenhouse behind us, it collects heat from the sun and traps it, active solar heat is a panel that twists to collect the sun's heat in water pipes to generate electricity and heating for houses.
  • Solar energy is very common in empty and flat fields like this, as solar power facilities require a lot of space, they are also common in places like florida and california, as they get a lot of energy from the sun
  • I've also heard that in large power setups, they aim the panels at tall towers to boil water inside the towers, using the sun's light, which then turns into steam and goes through a turbine producing electricity.
  • No, Actually it's not, many solar farms are built floating on water, it saves space and water gets plenty of light, the only problem is that it blocks ship traffic through this part of water, and that it has to touch land
  • This is a strange place for a solar farm, isn't it?
  • Yes, it definitely is not, this is a hydropower plant, it is used more than solar power, but it is also a renewable energy source.
  • Now, this is not a solar farm.
  • But, I've heard they still create environmental problems.
  • This rockwall is a lot like a hydroelectric dam, it stops water from moing through, but it doesen't have the turbines to generate electricity.
  • In the end, solar is lower generating, but better for the environment, as it does not block rivers, but it does take up more space. I would say we need a balance of solar and hydro, but also some of the other types.
  • The problems I've heard of with hydroelectric dams are that it creates flooding up river, and it stops natural creatures from traviling jup or down the river.
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