The Monkey's paw
Updated: 1/21/2021
The Monkey's paw

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Main Conflict
  • Be careful
  • Rising Action
  • Wish him back to life!
  • You're crazy!
  • The main characters are Mr. White, Mrs. White, Herbert, and Sergeant-major Morris. The story takes place in the White's house in England during the late 1800's. The tone is suspenseful and evil.
  • Climax
  • Herbert! I'm coming, I'm coming!!
  • One conflict is man vs. fate. The White's received a magical monkey's paw that is believed to grant wishes and are tempted to use it. Another conflict is man vs. self. Mr. White is forced to choose between his devotion to his family or using the paw again.
  • Falling Action
  • 1. They get the monkey's paw that has the power to grant wishes. 2. Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds and recieves it as a compensation for Herbert's death. 3. Mrs. White makes her husband wish their son back to life but he doesn't want to.
  • Resolution
  • Loud knocking made Mrs. White run to the door but Mr. White held her back. She broke free and started unlocking the door but couldn't reach the bolt. Mr. White frantically searched for the paw while his wife tries to open the door.
  • 1. Mr. White finds the paw and makes his last wish 2. The knocking on the door stops as Mrs. White opens the door. 3. She opens the door to find nothing there.
  • A loud cry from his wife gave him the courage to join her downstairs. They walked together to the gate and all the saw was a quiet, deserted road. Mr. White is relieved that the knocker is gone.