Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Satish's ears and jaw are hurting since morning. There aren't many clinics or hospitals nearby and he doesn't know which specialist he should see.
  • Hello Satish!How are you feeling today?-----------------------My ears hurt and so does my jaw.-----------------------I recommend you see an ENT specialist.Here's a couple of nearby and affordable places you could visit."link1""link2"Get well soon!
  • Satish opens the WHealth app and tells his symptoms to the chatbot. The chatbot recommends suitable services to him along with links to the location and other details.He then books an appointment and visits the doctor.
  • Dr. Rashmi sees the well organized medical history of Satish from the app, diagnoses his problem and prescribes him the medicine on the app.
  • The app automatically sets reminders for Satish to take the correct medicine at the correct time.
  • Dr. Sushma can track the progress of her every patient and update their prescriptions based on their record and progress.
  • Patient: SATISH
  • Medicines taken today: 3 / 4
  • Click here to update prescription
  • Satish is now well. He found the app very easy to use. It helped him get what he needed quickly, cheaply, and without much effort.