Unknown Story
Updated: 11/17/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action 1
  • The characters are Bob who is a cowboy and warrior who is Bobs horse and there job is to capture mustang horses.
  • rising action 2
  • Bob is trying to capture the mustangs.
  • climax
  • Bob finds the mustangs at the pond then a storm comes and they have to find a place to sleep and eat.
  • falling action
  • Bob finds the mustangs again and he thinks that he has gone to close to soon because the stallions nostrils flared and he looks straight at Bob with a daring look.
  • Bob joined the heard and the stallion and warrior fight to be leader of the heard because the stallion would not have the heart to fight fiercely so soon after the colts death. Then bob becomes the leader
  • Bob captures the mustangs and warrior and Bob still have not gone to the forever place were the land and sky kiss.