Updated: 2/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Thesus discussing wedding plans with hippolyta
  • My dear Hippolyta, it is too long lets get married now.
  • Thesus just wait. After 4 moons we will its not that long
  • Egues complaining about Lysander
  • My King my daughter Hermia is in love with a man, in which i don't approve. Do something.
  • The king gives Hermia an option
  • Marry the other guy, die, or nun decide soon and byeeeeeeeee. Come Egeus and Demetrius.
  • Lysander discussing their plan with Hermia
  • Hermia we could go to my aunts house which is past the kingdoms reach
  • Thats perfect
  • Hermia eplaining there plan with Helena
  • Oh, Helena we have a plan and in the end you could be with Demetris are you in
  • Ok
  • Helena backstabs Hermia
  • I could ruin there pans and then Demetris will surely love me.