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Alivia Landy period 3
Updated: 3/27/2020
Alivia Landy period 3
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  • The rise of stress and complaints
  • Do you think we want to be here?
  • GO HOME!!
  • why do you guys have to be here.
  • A renegade from Texas
  • You're being arrested
  • Uh oh, thats not good.
  • "Victory or Death"
  • I said 'Victory or Death." That's why you were executed.
  • :Americans and Tejanos both have many complaints about the Americans moving to Mexico but were going to have to deal with it
  • Texans Take Their Independence
  • Hmm..why are they moving east?I'm gonna follow them
  • Austin goes to Mexico to ask a question when he gets put in jail. And later 6,000 troops march north.
  • Don't Forget The Alamo
  • leave Texas for my freedom!!
  • A war between troops broke out and the survivors were executed.
  • Is Annexing Texas A Good Idea?
  • we don't need another slave state
  • Houston just retreated east hoping to lure in Santa Anna and Huston’s troops had to stay awake through the night in case Santa Anna’s troops attacked.
  • i'm tired
  • me too but we need to stay on the lookout
  • When someone yells “remember the Alamo” the Mexicans capture Santa Anna and the troops flee. Santa told his troops to leave Texas so that he was freed. They won the war.
  • Remember the Alamo!!!
  • There was conflict between northerners and southerners of whether or not we should annex Texas. Polk was elected and congress voted that Texas was added. Then it became the 28th state.
  • Texas is now a state!!
  • YES WE DO!!!
  • huh?
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