Medieval Storyboard
Updated: 12/19/2019
Medieval Storyboard
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  • Princess Sely
  • Knight Orange
  • Fairy Flora
  • The princess is an orphan and has to rule the kingdom by herself. She is very loud but nice. Her kingdom is peaceful for the most part, except the random people who keep trying to kill her.
  • In the woods
  • I can't wait to poison the princess and take the throne !
  • The knight never talks, but seems okay. He's actually trying to assassinate the princess because he's her long lost brother and wants the throne.
  • The Princess's room
  • The fairy is the princess's best and only friend. They confide in each other about everything but the fairy is sometimes ditzy. She doesn't like the knight but doesn't know why.
  • Visit to the vault
  • Flora overhears the knight talking about his plans outloud to himself. She is shocked but knew that her intuition was correct this whole time.
  • The knight tries to poison Princess Sely's drink, but she was warned ahead of time by Flora and switches their drinks. The knight dies.
  • Princess Sely thanks her friend Flora for helping save her life. They laugh about it and continue to be friends until the end.
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