Kind Midus
Updated: 1/11/2021
Kind Midus

Storyboard Description

For Ela Class

Storyboard Text

  • This is the start of the story, where we meet our main characters, King Midas, his daughter, the satyr, and Dinoysus. They all lived in Lydia, where one day Midas meets the satyr right outside of his garden. Satyr speaks to Midas there and tells him that she had got lost in the garden and was waiting because she could not find the way out.
  • Midas returns the satyr where he was needed be after he ending up getting lost in the garden. Then, Midas goes to see Dionysus, hopping to get the golden touch. Dionysus knew it was a terrible idea to give Midas the golden touch but he does it anyway
  • When Dionysus gave Midas's wish of getting the golden touch, King Midas was so happy that he became ever so greedy. King Midas started testing out his power with everything he touched to see if it would turn into gold. He went home and started testing his power to see if he could turn the flowers in his garden gold as well, and was not shocked that they as weel changed color.
  • While King Midas was fascinated by his power of golden touch he noticed that literally everything he had touched had completely turned to gold. He started thinking about if he really liked it and decided to go ask dionysus if he could take the wish back.  However, on his way to ask dionysus his daughter walked in and hugged him. He noticed that his daughter had turned into gold and rushed back to dionysus.
  • King Midas goes to Dionysus and begs him forever to take the power back. Dionysus did take the power back after a while of begging and then Dionysus took back the power because he knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be very good. King Midas went to a river and started to see the golden touch vanishing.
  • King Midas returned home and realized that all the gold had vanished. His daughter also became normal and he became a lot more humble and less greedy. He claims that he is now content with what he has now.