Energy project

Updated: 1/22/2019
Energy project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, my name is Jimmy
  • Wait, why are my lights not turning on?
  • Hey child, my names Joe, and I am here to show you why your lights are not turning on.
  • Hi Jimmy, come with me and I will show you the best source of energy in the world.
  • Hey Joe, where are we?
  • We are standing in front of the greatest energy source in the world. Hydro-power.
  • But what makes hydro-power better than coal, oil, or natural gas?
  • Well for one, Hydro-power is the cheapest energy source there is. That is why the 3 states who use hydro-power the most have the cheapest energy bill in the country.
  • But is Hydro-power efficient enough to power our country?
  • Of course it is. Did you know what 78% of Washington States energy comes from hydro-power. They wouldn't do that if it wasn't efficient enough
  • If Hydro-power is this good there must be a catch to it, like it is bad for the environment.
  • Actually, Hydro-power is a clean, renewable resource. So it doesn't affect the environment.
  • No problem Jimmy, Goodnight :).
  • Thanks for teaching me all about Hydro-power Mr. Joe.