Latin Strythio
Updated: 2/12/2021
Latin Strythio

Storyboard Text

  • Strythio! I have to tell you something
  • Do not bother me! I am looking for Modestus. There is a very beautiful girl who is looking for him.
  • You must listen! The centurion says that you must go to the prison immediately
  • WHAT! I am innocent
  • To prison -->
  • Don't be stupid. You are not guilty of anything. He wants you and Modestus to guard the prison.
  • Of course he chose me. I am strong
  • To prison -->
  • It is not enough to be strong. You must also be brave
  • You have to guard Vercobriz very carefully.
  • Do not worry. Nothing is difficult for me and Modestus
  • We have experience. We guarded an entire camp in Africa
  • They left. Optio goes looking for the centurion. Strythio looks for Modestus.